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My house call practice is closed until Spring.

During the pandemic I have been offering at-home outdoor appointments for veterinary aid-in-dying. This worked well for many pets over the summer, but now that the winter weather is here, even that is no longer possible.

House Calls for Pets will be in hibernation until the Spring.

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During the pandemic my protocols and process may look a little different than before but my goal is still the same, to provide your pet with the most gentle, loving, supported death possible. I hope to achieve this worthy goal by allowing them to remain comfortably in their safe space, while also preserving their connection to the people they trust most in the world. Even in a pandemic we can do this if we plan ahead and implement a few necessary precautions.

  • All appointments will need to be outdoors for the foreseeable future
  • We will need to maintain appropriate social distance
  • We will need to wear masks


Getting this right involves some advance planning and collaboration. Our plan should take into account your wishes, your pet’s personality, your pet’s condition, the outdoor setting available to us, your wishes for after care etc. The more I understand, the better I can help you. The more you understand, about what is possible and about what to expect, the better you can let go of worry, leave the details to me, and be a source of comfort for your pet.

I have provided more details below (see ‘Veterinary Aid in Dying at Home During Covid-19‘). Please read this post in its entirety and then fill in the contact form if you wish to initiate the process. But before you start please consider one thing – how urgent is your pet’s need? If your pet needs immediate relief from pain or distress then finding immediate relief is the greatest kindness. Please don’t wait for a home visit if your pet needs help now. It may be a couple of days before I can be of service.

Please read before contacting me:
Veterinary Aid in Dying at Home During Covid-19 »

Please note:

  • I will be booking appointments on a pet by pet basis and I am usually only able to offer one morning appointment and one afternoon appointment a day.
  • My fee structure has changed. There is one fee for veterinary aid-in dying anywhere within a 30 minute drive of Kingston, from Napanee to Gananoque and north to Verona. The fee is $425 + HST. Outside of this travel zone, there is a travel fee calculated at $150/hr.
  • If you wish for after care, I am able to make all arrangements for cremation. The fee will depend on your pet’s body weight and whether or not you wish to have their ashes returned to you.

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It is really important to read the short post (see link in box above) before you contact me, so that you know what to expect and if I am providing the kind of service that you need. Thank you for taking the time to do this first.


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